Wholesale and retail trading


B2B and B2C from vendors with guaranteed trading security

Trading is based on trust. We have managed to build the most trustful e-Commerce platform that guarantees goods and services exchange across the globe. 

Vendors are allowed to join via a membership plan which secures their monthly sales volume. 


Select a plan

based on your monthly sales volume

Small businesses

Medium businesses

Large businesses (Available for Singapore, Honk Kong, Malaysia and China)

* Vendors can upgrade anytime. You will receive an email when an upgrade is recommended.




  • Multi currencies in one shop
  • Each store own items, categories, taxes, specifications, options, invoices, credit notes etc.
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Vendor security system
  • Invoice / Order management
  • Customer management system
  • Supervise all and manage all information including orders, invoices
  • Manage your own categories, products, product attribute, product relations, product types, specifications, taxes, payments, shipping related products, media gallery.
  • E-mail notification system for: invoices, new releases, and refunds

Security & Compliance

  • Full HTTPS / SSL support
  • Secure HTTPS/SSL administrative access
  • Password protected administrative access
  • Backup system
  • 100% PCI compliant

Search Engine Support

  • Inserts the category name and the product name in the page title.
  • Meta tags will be filled with the product keywords and the category and product short descriptions to get Top Rankings for all products
  • Virtually standalone page for product details that includes SEO information


  • Flexible tax system to define tax rates
  • Tax by countries, regions, cities, ZIP match codes and products
  • Avalara - Real time US and Canadian tax rate calculation and address validation
  • Tax exempt feature
  • Define item-based taxes
  • Default tax value
  • Real Time VAT Validation (Europe)