OTG 3 IN 1 pendrive 128GB 64GB cle usb memory 32GB 16GB pen drive 8GB 4GB flash usb pen Type-C Key usb flash stick business Gift

Capacity: 32GB
Color: Pink USB2.0


Brand Name: Accalia
Interface Type: USB 2.0
Material: Metal
Product Weight: 9.9g
Model Number: OTG 3 IN 1 pendrive 128GB 64GB
Product Type: Creative
Style: Pen
Style: Rectangle
Style: Stick
Package: Yes
Encryption: No
Time to market: Dec 2016
usb flash stick: pen drive
usb flash drive: pendrive
usb stick: usb memory
cle usb c: otg Type-C
flash usb pen: usb flash drive 128 gb

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