Toshiba 500GB 1TB 2TB External HDD 2.5 Portable Hard Drive Hard Disk HD Externo 500G 1 TB 2 TB USB3.0 External HDD Disk Harddisk

Capacity: 1TB


Brand Name: Toshiba
HDD Capacity: 800GB - 1.5TB
Application: Server
Application: Desktop
Application: Monitoring
Application: Laptop
Expansion Port: None
Interface Type: USB 3.0
Interface Rate: 6Gb/s
Package: Yes
Has External Power Supply: No
Style: HDD
Size: 2.5"
Type: External
Launch Date: 2015
Speed: 5400rpm
Model Number: hdd 2.5 Inch 500GB/1TB/2TB
Cache: 8MB
Products Status: Stock
Shell Material: ABS
Capacity: 1TB/2TB

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